Ensuring that you leave our clinic with the best possible glasses, frames and lenses is a top priority for our eye care specialists. We know that your eyewear plays a crucial role not only in your vision, but also your overall comfort, safety, and your glasses can be an extension of your personality, too.

Finding the right lenses and glasses begins with a thorough assessment with our optometrist, who will evaluate your vision, identify any issues or disruptions, and consider factors such as your lifestyle and work requirements to determine the optimal lens prescription for you.

Our team is extremely meticulous in their approach, paying close attention to every detail and involving you in every step of the process so that you fully understand your care and prescription. Once your prescription is determined, we offer a variety of additional features and coatings to further optimise your glasses, such as polarised lens coatings to reduce UV glare, anti-reflective coatings that are easy to clean, blue light lens coatings for screen use, or lightweight safety lenses tailored to your profession.

As a team committed to helping you achieve the best possible vision, we use high-quality lenses sourced from top manufacturers (and leading international and local brands) who incorporate the latest technological advancements to create exceptional eyewear products. Rest assured that you are in great hands with us.

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Because we all like to know our options, below is a guide to the common lens types, add-ons and benefits you can consider to make your new lenses personalised to your life and needs. Click on each button to learn more.

For any questions about our range or our assessment services, contact one of our Queensland clinics by selecting your preferred location here.