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At Stacey and Stacey, we know how important your eyesight is.

Whether you’re staring out at the burning red Simpson Desert atop iconic Uluru, or simply watching the footy with your kids on a Sunday afternoon, your visual senses are the core element to your entire experience.

Have you ever stopped to consider the phenomenon of your eye and the complexity of its design and function?

We recognize the value of the optic experience and are committed to making certain that your eyes are treated with the best possible care, ensuring maximum enjoyment.

In order to make certain your eyes are treated with the care that they deserve, we believe this can be done through a combination of technical and professional expertise with the latest and most innovative technological advancements in eye healthcare.

If you come in to see one of our optometrists, we will be able to recommend to you a variety of options best suited and tailored to your needs.

These processes will allow us to check your eyes for possible health issues or make corrections to your current prescription, both thoroughly and accurately. Thereby enabling an enhancement in your vision, all the while provided in a fast and efficient manner.

You will be able to access the following services at Stacey and Stacey:


Come in and utilize the wealth of knowledge and expertise that our optometrists have attained from many years of training and work experience. It is recommended that you have an eye examination once every two years*. Bring in your Medicare card and be eligible for a bulk-billed eye examination. *Pending individual eye conditions


1 hour speedy service

Selected stores are fitted with a state-of-the-art edging machine in its lab, allowing us to cut you’re your new lenses to your selected frame in 1 hour. Speed and precision are key.*

*Note, not all lenses can be cut in store. Please contact a branch near you for availability.


Frame and lens guide

We have a huge selection of the finest lenses on the market, sourced from international companies. To compliment this, we carry an exciting collection of frames and sunlasses, suitable for all ages and preferences. To assist you in choosing the perfect lenses and frames for your needs, our capable optometry and dispensing staff will be available to guide you along the way.

We want you to leave us radiating – clear vision, stylish new frames and a BIG smile.



Whether you are a current contact lens wearer or interested in an alternative to wearing frames, we can provide you with the careful and skilled services to either update your contact lens script or teach you how to wear them.

Why not have some fun, make your eyes sparkle and try a pair of coloured lenses if you dare!



We are focused on providing you with the health care you need. To do this, we have employed new technologies that allow us to search and recognize possible health defects. See our ‘Eyecare Information’ page for more details on specific optical conditions. We are the first line of defence against possible diseases that may not only affect your vision, but other bodily systems as well. Make an appointment with one of our optometrists who will conduct a Visual Fields test or a Digital Retinal Imaging analysis where necessary.

We don’t mess around when it comes to your health.


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Health Cover

If you have private health insurance, depending on your type and level of your cover, you may be eligible for an optical rebate.

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