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We all love our ability to see. But as we live and our body goes through changes, so does our visionary experience. It is therefore vital that our eyes receive constant care and attention throughout our lives.

We at Stacey and Stacey will be your first line of defence against possible eye problems. Our training and knowledge has given us the expertise to recognize and recommend appropriate treatment for a variety of visual conditions.

Below is a table of some of the most common optical conditions that people encounter. If you are experiencing any of these, or are uncertain as to what is wrong with your vision, please contact your nearest Stacey and Stacey branch immediately where we can conduct a bulk billed eye examination.

Early diagnosis and management is the key to maintaining your optical health.


Myopia (Near-sightedness)

Objects seem blurred from far, but clear from close

Any age

Hyperopia (Long-sightedness)

Objects seem blurred up close, but clear from far

Any age


Blurred vision, born out of inability to focus Headaches, fatigue or squinting

Any age


Progressively harder over time to focus on objects at a near range

Over 40

Amblyopia (Lazy eye)

Poor vision, including deficient depth perception, contrast and motion sensitivity

Early childhood


Cloudy vision, which can affect visual clarity and contrast sensitivity

Over 50


Progressive loss in visual field

Over 40

Macular Degeneration

Gradual vision loss

Over 65

Colour Impairment

Altered colour perceptions



Our optometry staff will conduct a personal assessment of your optical health, providing recommendations tailored to your situation. If necessary, we have a variety of additional eye tests to ensure we provide you with the most thorough eye examination.

*Please note that each pair of eyes are unique, so if you are experiencing any changes to your vision, call and speak to one of our optometrists.

**Condition varies according to age and is not exclusively unique to age groups listed above.


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